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Group Support

I help women and families embrace their new life, by minimizing the stress of changes and transition, better adaptation, creating own support group, finding new aim in personal life and in their career, finding new mission and authentic identity.

Different areas of group support

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Workshops for women

Recently I am leading workshops:

1. Changes – how should I manage them? 2x3h online, October 2020

2. Self-confidence and inner critic? 2x3h online, November 2020

3. Belonging – where is my place? 2x3h online, December 2020

4. Brave enough to grow and take the challange. 2x3h online, January 2021

5.  How to build self-esteem, self-confidence, assertiveness – long, 8 meetings cycle, 3h per meeting, online, start: January 2021

For each listed workshop there is a limit of free spots left!

Contact me if interested in any workshops from the list! 


Support groups for women

Once a month, Sundays, we meet in 3 groups:

1. expat women from different countries.

2. Polish women from Prague.

3. Expat spouses caring the stress of their partners = executive, general managers, CEO, CFO…

Support groups up to 10 persons, 1,5h online, start from 18:00!


Contact me if interested in joining us!


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Workshops for parents

 Coming workshops:

1. How to understand stress and manage it?

1,5 h online

2. Self-regulation for parents and children? Anger!

1,5 h online

3. Self-regulation, energy management, stress overcoming – intense workshop for every adult!

3h online 

4. Enough good parents! in cooperation with Pracownia Rozmowy

5 meetings x 3h, online


For each listed workshop there is a limit of free spots left!

Contact me if interested in any workshops from the list! 


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Starting in January 2021 we will be working in small mastermind groups for expat women. The main aim is to find own initiative and make it own business.


Own online business possible regardless where we live and where we move to, for all women wanting to live independent and confident, and fulfilled!


Join us – we still have some free spots!


expat coaching dla firm

Professionals working with expats

If you are a coach, mentor, trainer, psychologist or therapists and you wish to work with expat, immigrant individuals or families – join my FB Group and start the journey with me.


From September 2021 there will be a new course and mastermind group for such professionals under my wings.


Contact me for more details!


Reasons for joining my groups or workshops

You are not alone

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First of all it is great to know more people with the same challenges. Second – it is good to know that You do not need to go through different challenges alone, you can share experience, exchange ideas and startegies and you will receive the real space for yourself.

The group motivates

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Working with group can be motivating. The decision you make and the declaration in front of the group can motivate you to move forward, to make next steps. But also helping others make you feel better and more empowered, more active in personal areas.

Wisdom of the group

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Due to Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), masterminds are powerful tools for the growth of individuals.

Why is a mastermind so powerful?

  • It empowers members to share skills and resources to help tackle each others’ problems
  • The group holds its members accountable
  • Masterminds help you create value for others, which is essential to being successful
  • Napoleon Hill masterminds have an almost spiritual ability to create wisdom that wouldn’t exist otherwise

Experience sharing

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Sharing experience but also individual strategies among group participient will result in gaining new skills and learn new solutions to own challenges.

The range of strategies of one individual widens through possesing the knowledge from other individuals in  group.


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“Having a sense of belonging is a common experience. Belonging means acceptance as a member or part. Such a simple word for huge concept. A sense of belonging is a human need, just like the need for food and shelter. Feeling that you belong  is most important in seeing value in life and in coping with intensely painful emotions. ” https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/pieces-mind/201403/create-sense-belonging

Better price

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Group sessions are always better solution for people that need stronger external motivation of the group for lower price than individual intense work.

Price offer

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Workshops for women

Workshops 1-4

together: 3000 CZK paid at once,

or 800 CZK per each paid separately;

Workshop no 5

4000 CZK + 2 follow up meetings in the price

Support groups for women

In recent pandemic crisis such groups are FREE OF CHARGE


This is my contribution to building mental health during crisis


nastolatek nastolatki rodzice rozmowy rodzicielstwo

Workshops for parents

Workshops no 1&2 

350 CZK per person, per workshop 

Workshop no 3 

700 CZK per person + free ebook&workbook

 Workshop no 4

  600 CZK per person, per meeting 


expat coaching dla firm


It is obligatory to participate in a group for 3 months, every 3 months the group decide to continue or to cancel the meetings;


For 1 person, for 3 months, 6 meetings, 

4799 CZK


expat coaching dla firm

Professionals working with expats

joining FB group and participation – free of charge




In Czech Republic I accept also Benefit Plus

Getting Started is Easy


Free 30 Min Consultation

 Just let us talk, I describe you what can you expect from every group work, there is no obligation to join but more details to make a final decision!


Reserve the spot

When decision made – just write me to reserve a spot for you.

1st Meeting!

Just be on time, have something to write down the thoughts and enjoy!


I will be more than happy to start the journey together with you! See you soon online or offline. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a possibility to have a free chat with you?

Of course! You will get more details regarding workshops and support groups in order to make a final decision, free chat is 30 min long and there is no obligation to join the group after the chat.

Should I prepare to workshops?

No preparation needed, just be yourself and secure free time and something to write down the notes.

Do I receive some materials?

Yes – I will send a special ebook or workbook, however for some meetings you will be working independently writing down own notes.

I am not an expat or immigrant, may I contact you?

Of course, just contact me and we will meet on 30 min free chat , and discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

Who can look for your support?

Most of my clients are women: singles, moms, managers…

Most of women I work with are women living abroad…

However I am open to work with every woman and man, who feel that my approach, values are close to theirs and my offer can support their needs and aims. 

Contact Me

Ask a question or book an appointment below. For emergencies call 112 or visit your nearest hospital.

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