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Helping  expat employees avoid or change the negative effects of relocation on their families by preparing the partners, parents, children to smooth migration process, better adaptation, with less stress and more fun, enthusiasm, happiness.

Different areas of cooperation with companies

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Individual support

For each relocated employee the company offers preparation to the new position abroad. 

But regarding spouses or the whole family – there is almost no support. 

Relocation companies mostly take care of all technical and legal matters, but there is no mental support. Family has no support before and during relocation. They are going through difficult decisions, face challenging situations – culture shock, transition, school issues and new relation matters, and are left alone. 

 As an expat spouse and mom, I went through all the processes and crisis.

I met hundreds of women facing all the expat challenges, trying by themselves to cope with all the stress, and most of them went through it with wounds.

The whole family had difficult moments, what also was affecting the relocated employees. Moral dilemma, relationship issues, effectiveness and fulfillment at work… 

I am offering such families individual coaching sessions, and also crisis consultation and support.

Adaptation workshops

Before changing the country, we meet with spouses and families in order to prepare them mentally to intense changes, new life, culture, life challenges.

I am there for them to make the transition smoother and to explain all concerns, what helps them make a decision and support even their relocated partners.

Relocation process starts with less stress, more confidence and energy.



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Workshops for parents

Workshops have main goal to prepare parents & children to transition before and after the relocation.

Workshops are also a great chance to acknowledge the Third Culture theory.  

They also prepare parents and children to next relocation decisions and also to come back to country of origin.


Understanding the process of relocation, psychical challenges and crisis, supporting mental health ad wellbeing affect positively the whole family and the expat employees, in everyday life and at work as well.



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Support groups

For the company having more expat families I offer support groups as an alternative to individual support.

We use the energy and wisdom of the group, the real community nd belonging forms.


expat coaching dla firm

Cooperation with HR departments, international schools, relocation companies

Working many years in an international company, meeting expat families and their challenges, I saw how the stress impact their partners, in the same our employees.

Basing on my corporation and expat life experience, I know that a company can only benefit offering own employees such mental support.

So I invite you, your HR department, or relocation company to contact me.

The relocation process can turn into crisis but it has a great potential of growth for the whole family. It builds a wellbeing of the family but also of the employees.

For every company I prepare tailor made offer, I treat my clients and partners individually and with a professional approach.


Reasons for supporting the expat family by the company

They are not alone

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Relocationg companies and HR departments mostly take care of legal and technical issues of relocation. Such help is very important, but when the relocated family starts a new life, they are forced to face lot of psychological challenges and are left alone. In some countries such support in their own language is almost impossible. Loneliness and the loss of closst people around is for epxat families one of the biggest stressor (due to Aetna International Expat Experience Survey 2020).

Company taking care of mental comfort of the expat family is in fact supporting more effective work of own employee.


Faster and smooth transition

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Transition process can be  as long and difficult as every process of change. In companies every bigger change is planned carefully and employees are prepared to it. Most companies are aware also that any change that was not supported and properly conucted can direct toward conflicts and less benefits.

The same with the transition to new life of the expat family. Offering such support can significantly change the transition into faster and smoother process. From such process will benefit family, employee and the whole company.

Less stress & mental health

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Stress home can be draining the energy of employees. Lower energy, weaker mental resilience can lead to more mistakes, less efectiveness, and burn out of eployees relocated to other countries. It will also impact their further decisions regarding next mogration plans.

Relocation as a potential

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Relocation is always treated as a potential of growth for the employee, but the family itself can percive it from completely different position – position of lost plans, lost relations, lost career.

Well supported relocation can be a great potential for whole family development.

Higher effectiveness

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Balanced life and less stress in family will support effectiveness of expat employees and their will to migrate. It also make transition smoother and it helps to avoid burn out.

Wellbeing of expat employee

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The position and job itself are very often strongly influencing personal identity, they define individuals. Wellbeing seen as joy of living, working with passion, less stressful, balanced and healthy life creates real engagement of employees and prevent their burn out.

Price offer

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Individual support

60 min free chat


Each session up to 90 min = 3000 CZK


Adaptation workshops

Up to 5 persons per group

3 h/online =

9000 CZK/group


nastolatek nastolatki rodzice rozmowy rodzicielstwo

Workshops for parents

 Up to 10 persons per group

3 x 3 h/online

each meeting (3h) = 12000 CZK/group

or package of 3x3h =

25000 CZK/group

expat coaching dla firm

Support groups

Up to 5 persons per group

1,5h meeting

4500 CZK

number of meetings to be confirmed based on the needs and the stage of relocation

expat coaching dla firm

Cooperation with HR departments, international schools, relocation companies

Individual, tailor made offer

Getting Started is Easy


Free 90 min meeting with the company

 After such meeting I prepare the offer for the company and its relocated employees


Setting the proper time

You receive the whole agenda and proposed dates for meetings.

Start of the cooperation

When decision is made, all terms agreed, there is no need to wait longer!

I just start supporting spouses and families of your relocated employees!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why it is important to support expat families?

The transition can turn into crisis, but supporting mental health before and during the relocation will positively affect wellbeing of the employee and family, will support decision about relocation, and in future will direct toward growth.

How will the employee benefit from such support?

Family will not be left alone with daily life challenges, new to them abroad.

Stress, overwhelming situations can affect relations in family and between partners. And the wellbeing of the family impacts the effectiveness of the employee, and their decision regarding further migrations.

How will the company benefit from cooperation?

Higher effectiveness, happiness, fulfillment at work, more open for next migration employee, can be among benefits of supporting expat family .

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