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Individual Support

I help women and families embrace their new life, by minimizing the stress of changes and transition, better adaptation, creating own support group, finding new aim in personal life and in their career, finding new mission and authentic identity.

Different areas of individual support

polka za granica expat coaching marta lenarczyk sesje warsztaty szkolenia stres regulacja

Support for expat women



You are expat or immigrant woman, leaving abroad, or maybe you are the one that will be an expat soon? maybe you will come back to your country of origin? or maybe you change the countries again and again… 

You have more questions than answers, you feel lonely and need support, you want to belong to the community, but have no idea how to start, there is more challenges than enthusiastic situations, euphoria mixes with fear, you feel unsecure, most of the closest friends and family stayed in other country, also maybe they do not understand your challenges (because you have such a successful life as an expat!!!).

 Or maybe you hate such intense changes and culture shock overwhelmed you?

or maybe you need to re-define your role in family, in life, in your work…

It is also possible that you need to re-qualify or you just lost your job…


Many reasons to feel stressed, overwhelmed and not understood, many reasons to look for help…

Because you want to feel successful, you want to be happy, you want to spread your wings and build the life you want to live, you want to be authentic with your values, regardless where you will be next year…

You want to have meaningful and fulfilled life

You have a great potential and you want to grow!


After many years in corporation world, I’d became expat spouse and soon expat mom, almost one year long I’d been like in depression. I acknowledged expat challenges and I went through them, and still I am facing them even after many years of life abroad.

I understand my clients and I give them my full acceptance, presence and warm support.

I am their companion toward better and happier life. They overcome the crisis and grow, and flourish!

Support for women in their life challenges

All women feeling overwhelmed by the changes, unstable situation, new roles in their lives, often forgot about ourselves, have no time, feel deep sadness or experience mood swings, they also feel lonely and  somehow lost. Often they go through different psychical crisis – loss of plans, dreams, divorce, moving to another city, country, children leaving the house, job loss or re-qualification, difficult decisions to make.

Or maybe you just feel that you need to re-organize yourself, your work, your life, or maybe you want to achieve your goals more effective, faster…

or maybe the partner who motivates you, is something you really need in your life right now…


The reasons you need support can be even more…

As a crisis coach and consultant I support people in crisis and those who want to re-grow after their recession.


As a certified coach, I accompany my clients on their way to achieve goals, create meaningful life, spread their wings and live fulfilled life.



Coping with stress overload

If you feel that stress completely overloaded you, if you feel overwhelmed, you have no energy to work, relax or live. Permanently you have no time!

Additionally you cannot control your behavior, reactions, words, but also emotions, especially anger and sadness. You are out of balance.

But in the same time you feel under your skin that you need a change, but in this vicious cycle  you just need someone to help you.

As a facilitator of Shanker Self-Reg method of self-regulation in stress, but also as a mindfulness educator, I am supporting you in building mental resistance, self-regulation and proper energy management, in order to achieve balance and wellbeing.

I am leading you through process of better understanding the brain functions under the stress, stress effects on your body, stress reactions, energy management, toward new strategies of coping with stress.


Changing the life style and diet

Your life style, diet and level of energy is much below your expectations! You feel heavy and with no power, you spend most of your free time on a sofa watching TV series, after huge stress in work/life you eat more and more … ice cream, candies, chocolate, or just fatty food???? you feel you need a change but where to start?


As a certified diet and life coach, and also healthy life style advocate, I am leading you through the complete process of changing your life style, physical activity and diet into healthy and supportive one.

1 free chat 60 min + 8 meetings (up to 75 min, including educational and mentoring sessions) + lots of handouts, my support every day by the email/sms, lots of fun and hard work toward wellbeing and healthy you!

Reasons for working individually with me

You are not alone

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“Having a sense of belonging is a common experience. Belonging means acceptance as a member or part. Such a simple word for huge concept. A sense of belonging is a human need, just like the need for food and shelter. Feeling that you belong  is most important in seeing value in life and in coping with intensely painful emotions.” Psychology Today 2018

I am a friend, support, some call me doula, some angel with long wings … but the most important – regardless how my clients call me – I am with them, they are not alone, they are not left with their challenges alone in a new country, I went through it, I understand and have my own “box” of strategies how to start a new life abroad. My clients open it and we check what will be the best for them, and we work together on finding new, tailor made in order to have a great and meaningful life abroad.

"Sparing partner", motivation

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Sometimes we need to confront our challenges, thoughts, ideas with the other person. Sometimes better to do it with the coach or mentor, who is not judging, making assumptions, just helping and offering the mindful space for free and open disscusion, offering a real presence and acceptance.

I am mentor, trainer, facilitator and coach. I know tools that help, I offer space for your creativity and potential. I help you discover your talents, strengths, and spread the wings. I believe in you and your power.

Easier process of changes

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Changes, transition, crisis – they all have stages, they all have their bright and dark sides. I am offering you psychoeducation that helps understanding the state you are in, the stage of transition, the potential of crisis.

It helps to make the process of changes smoother, lowers the stress and helps in growing.

Coaching relation

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As I am an ICF coach, I am offering a real coaching relation. ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

If needed, my clients can choose to work with me as with mentor, consultant, facilitator.

I do not mix all of the approaches in one session, I offer tailor made process with clear structure and proposal of methods and tools. I offer clear cooparation based on the contract.

Mentoring in key areas

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In my transparent cooperation with my clients I offer mentorship in the fields of my knowledge and interests:

– expat life, experience

– job requalification, job seeking, career path building

– talents development (based on The StrengthsFinder – Gallup test)

– crisis understanding and management

– stress and energy management, self-regulation

– team building, team managing

– negotiations, client handling

– developing smallbusiness initiatives

– business online developing

– mindfulness for children, teachers and parents

– healthy living and healthy food

– and more … just ask me about them

Time & efforts effectiveness

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Coping with own challenges, gaining aims and facing the probems alone can be less effective and more stressful, also frustrating or overwhelming.

The coach helps you to get to the goal faster, more effective regarding time and efforts.

Price offer

polka za granica expat coaching marta lenarczyk sesje warsztaty szkolenia stres regulacja

Support for expat women


1st free 60 min chat = free of charge, no obligation

Single session up to 90 min = 1800 CZK

 Possible price packages: Premium, basic and Follow UP with GREAT discounts = contact me for individual offer

Support in life challenges


1st free 60 min chat = free of charge, no obligation

 Single session up to 90 min = 1800 CZK

Possible price packages: Premium, basic and Follow UP with GREAT discounts = contact me for individual offer

Coping with stress overload


1st free 60 min chat = free of charge, no obligation

Individual stress consultancy up to 75 min = 1800 CZK

Possible price packages for the process of selfregulation with GREAT discounts = contact me for individual offer

Changing the life style and diet


1st free 60 min chat = free of charge, no obligation 

Diet coaching and healthy life style process = 7000 CZK

(8 meetings up to 75 min)

In Czech Republic I accept also Benefit Plus

Getting Started is Easy


Free 60 Min Consultation

Just let us talk, you will have a trial of my work, my style and personality. I will have  a chance to offer you the best support you need. There is no obligation to start working with me!


Book Appointment

Make a reservation in my appointly calendar or just send a contact form and we find the best date for you.

1st Session!

I will be more than happy to start the journey together with you! See you soon online or offline. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a possibility to have a free chat with you?

Of course! We do not start working together without the first free meeting. You need to see, me, know me, check my style and personality. I need to have a chance to offer you the best support you need without guessing.

Is this free chat an obligation to start working with you?

Absolutely not! This online meeting gives you the possibility to check that you want to work with me and make the best decision. It is your decision if you want to start journey with me!

It is also the moment I can check if I am the right person to support you and accompany you in your journey to changed life.

Should I prepare to our free chat?

No preparation needed, just be yourself and secure free tie for chat.

What kind of support you can offer?

Well, I can offer you individual sessions (up to 90 minutes) on- & offline, workshops and support groups, masterminds, crisis consultancy and support, educational seminars. But the most important – I offer full presence, mindful approach, individual support, focus on your potential and your challenges, warm heart.

Who can look for your support?

Most of my clients are women: singles, moms, managers…

Most of women I work with are women living abroad…

However I am open to work with every woman and man, who feel that my approach, values are close to theirs and my offer can support their needs and aims. 

I am not an expat or immigrant, may I contact you?

Of course, just contact me and we will meet on 60 min free chat , and discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

Do you work with companies?

Yes, I work for companies supporting families and spouses of expat workers. Just check my offer for companies and feel free to contact me.

How do I know I need support?

You feel that your are stressed, worked out, you feel lost and not sure what is important for you, you feel uncomfortable and even do not know why, you feel lonely in a new place and have no idea how to start your life abroad…

The culture shock covered your real pleasure of living in a new country…

You are preparing to relocation, you migrate from country to country, you have family and have no idea how to support them during and after relocation…

Or maybe you are in the process of coming back to home country and you are just scared…

Or maybe you just need someone to accompany you in your changes, challenges, transition, reaching goals, exploring possibilities and discovering your potential…

Maybe you want to spread your wings and start a new initiative?

Just contact me.



Contact Me

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