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About Me

I help expat women and families embrace their new life, by minimizing the stress of changes and transition, better adaptation, creating own support group, finding new aim in personal life and in their career, finding new mission and authentic identity.

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Hello! I’m Marta

mentor, facilitator, coach

I am a coach of every women who currently live abroad. Women who want to create their own place and spread their wings, but struggle with stress of intense changes, a sense of loneliness and lack of belonging.

I help them, through 1: 1 sessions or during workshops, adapt faster to the new reality, reduce the culture shock and stress of changes, find their real identity and support group, and live life to the fullest regardless where they live. 

My clients also call me the “doula” of their women’s initiatives.

As a crisis coach I help women go through psychological crisis and grow, or I find the best therapies if needed for my clients. I work with psychologists, therapists and doctors.

I am a coach of expats – I work with HR departments and relocation companies, support them in in the transition of the relocated employees’ families to their new life abroad. I take care of families so they can adapt to changes faster and lead a happier life. I help a potential migration crisis transform into family development and growth, and thus indirectly I help employees relocated abroad enjoy their new job. I organize adaptation workshops for families, I offer 1: 1 coaching sessions and support groups.

I am also a facilitator of the Shanker Self-Reg (Self-Reg Facilitator) method of self-regulation, stress and energy management, and a mindfulness educator for expat children in international schools.

I work using many methods and tools, I am constantly developing and looking for new solutions to provide as much support as possible with my work. I offer sessions full of real awareness, curiosity and the space for development the potential of my wonderful clients.

Why am I doing this? Mainly out of passion and willingness to help. As a Polish woman living abroad, I understand what my clients are struggling with, and as a mother I understand both the frustrations of parents and, on the other hand, the challenges facing the youngest.

My approach & Values

My mission is to help every expat women and their families create new, valuable, happy and fulfilled life regardless of where they live.

I truly believe in the potential of each individual, I am intrigued by the unique qualities of each person. I am far from generalizations, stereotypes and judgements as I look for what is special and distinct about every person I meet. I focus on finding the differences between individuals and support them to explore their possibilities, hidden resources and a great potential. Observation of each person unique style, motivation, the way of thinking and the relationships building is a part of my work leading me and my clients to growth.

I offer individuals the sessions full of real presence, acceptance, curiosity and support. I really believe that I have a great talent to draw out the best in each person by observing their strengths.

I want my clients to embrace their life, to grow, to spread their wings in own initiatives, and build their wellbeing regardless where they live. 

I also believe in enormous power of teams. Through workshops, support and mastermind groups I create a real community, supporting self-development and creative solutions. I deeply believe in a strength of the group, the group energy and a wonderful wisdom created within the team. My goal is to help every person in a group experience success.

I know from my own experience of expat spouse and expat mom, that relocation can turn into crisis, fulfilled by stress, the feelings of lost plans, sometimes dreams, and the fear of changes coming, overwhelming challenges and every day life far away from family and known environment, own culture and lifestyle.

But I believe that proper mental support for expat spouses and families can direct toward growth and happy life abroad, in the same time supporting better and more effective work of expatriates.


I believe that no individual is fully formed, on the contrary each individual is “a work in progress”, alive with possibilities.

My Experience

  • individual processes 1:1 on- and offline
  • leading supportive groups for expat spouses, parents of teenagers, women
  • leading masterminds for women starting own initiatives
  • leading group of professionals working with expats
  • mindfulness classes for expat children in international schools in Prague, Czech Republic
  • workshops for women and families in cooperation with Polish Moms and Dads Association Tram-POL-ina in Prague, Czech Republic
  • co-working with companies and HR departments in preparing before, during and after the relocation process of the expat family
  • over 12 years of work in international companies leading successful teams
  • cooperation with psychologists: Gosia Horakova Digital Wellbeing and Daria Tarka Pracownia Terapii i Rozwoju
  • cooperation as Pracownia Rozmowy with psychologist Anna Sokołowska and coach Aleksandra Michalska
  • my supervisors: MCC Coach – Małgorzata Misztal and Łukasz Kuźma from Meritum Coaching
  • I am a member of International Coach Federation 

My Education

My Expertise

Stress of intense changes

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Every change is connected with the fear, huge stress and feeling of uncerntainty. I accompany women in their journey through the stages of change, I learn them how to understand the stages and the phase they are, and by building awareness - I show them how to minimize the stress of changes. We base on different models of transition, change and crisis - Kubler Ross, Lewine, Satir, Prochasky's Transteoretical model. In my work I use psychoeducational elements.

Stress & Anxiety

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As a facilitator of dr Shanker Self-Reg method, I am leading my clients through the process of understanding the stress, its impact on brain and body function, and the impact it has on our wellbeing. I am helping my client learn to self- and co-regulate, manage their and their children's stress, manage their energy leven in order to build the new life without the unnecessary stress. The stress that can steal their joy, happiness, logical and strategical thinking, impacting the decisions they make, the stress that rips off the creativity and make their life heavier.

Life challenges abroad

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Relocation and further migration leads to situation that life challenges are more intense and occure more often: new language, new home, new school, new relations, new culture...

I work with my clients on culture shock, they also prepare themselves in creating support group and I teach them through my  original program, to organize their process of starting a new life more effective, empowered and almost stressless. 

Loosing the identity

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Relocation can lead to psychologicak crisis: the loss of job, old friends, beloved family, life style... Crisis always creates the possibilty to growth and self-development, however the person in crisis should receive the proper support. During such crisis our identity and the concept of Me is always out of balance. Additionally identity can be endangered in confrontation with another culture.

I work with expat women on understanding their system of values, their life mission and aims. We also work on the reinforcement of their identity, finding the new life mission and aims. 

Isolation & Loneliness

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Loneliness and isolation can be a result of the psychological crisis and can affect the life in a new place. Due to Aetna International Expat Experience Survey 2020 missing family, friends and the feeling of loneliness is one of the biggest issue for more than 30% expats.

I help my clients understand their feelings and accept them. Acceptance leads to changes - supportive and developmental ones. Understanding and acceptance direct my clients toward better selfawareness, selfesteem and selfconfidence.

Culture shock, adaptation

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Culture shock is an experience that can occure when moving to a new cultural environment, especially which is different from our own. It is also the personal disorientation experienced in conntact with unfamiliar way of life due to immigration or a visit to a new country, a move between social environments, or simply transition to another type of life. Culture shock can be described as consisting of at least one of four distinct phases: honeymoon, negotiation, adjustment, and adaptation. Most of my clients go through challenges: language barrier, generation gap, technology gap, information overload, stressors overload, loneliness and homesickness, job loss.

As there is almost no only one way to entirely prevent culture shock as it is very dependent from the personal experiences, mental resilience, individual character and support the person gets. I work with individuals to create own box of strategies to prepare for  the process of cultural adaptation and transition.

New social belonging

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Finding new frieds and building new belonging is hard when you travel every 2 years to another country, or when you land in completely differet culture and at first you feel you have no common values shared with the surrounding people. For most of us it is difficult to join a new group of people and start the converstation. But our brain needs other people around. We need other people to feel connected, to co-regulate and live with the feeling of being understood and accepted, and supported when in need.

"Having a sense of belonging is a common experience. Belonging means acceptance as a member or part. Such a simple word for huge concept. A sense of belonging is a human need, just like the need for food and shelter. Feeling that you belong  is most important in seeing value in life and in coping with intensely painful emotions."

I help my clients find new support groups, build  new relations, open for new possibilities and create their belonging. I also work with them on their feeling of loneliness and we are building the strong foundations that help them find at first a real belonging in themselves. And with such foundation we build the courage to join new community.

Own initiatives abroad

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Finding the new mission, aims and the deeper meaning of own life direct my clients toward finding own initiatives. Initiatives that can be implemented regardless where they live.

I support my clients by mastermind groups where women work on their initiatives and business ideas. The aim of such meetings is to create the idea, build the business, and feel supported and empowered regardless where they will live in the future.

Family relocation

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Relocation can be distracting experience for the entire family but can be also the huge trampoline for growth and development for children. It is hard to leave known environment, school, activities and the most important - own friends, who on some life stages are playing crucial role in children life and in their identity building.

I help parents to prepare own children to relocation, I help children to acknowledge new tools and strategies to lower their stress and anxiety, their fear and anger, their feelings of loneliness.  By mindfulness and selfregulation activities we create tailor made Empowering Strategy. 

I also help parents understand the Third Culture Kid idea. Expat children often move between cultures before they have had the opportunity to fully develop their personal and cultural identity. Understandig what TCK is and how to support building own and cultural identity empowers parents in their every day challenges.

Plans and dreams loss

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Losing own plans and dreams somehow connected with the life style, habits and the place we lived previously, can be a real crisis. The feeling of distraction and helplessness can even push us into the state of losing the hope, sense of living and depression.

I help my clients avoid or overcome the crisis connected with such losses.

Job loss or change

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In some cultures and for some peole the job they have is the most important part of their identity. The job defines them, their sense of living and is the main aim. Losing the job can be one of the biggest crisis not only because of the financial uncertainty, but also because of identity uncertainty. Who I am? it is one of the most common question my clients ask.

Overcoming such crisis and finding the real joy and the balance between work and life can be crucial. also overcoming the crisis of loss and findning new aim is healing and driecting to personal growth. Growth that builds new competencies, qualifications, skills and experience, that enriches individual lives.


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Often relocation can impact the career building of the expat spouse. Sometimes there is a need to re-qualificate in order to find a job in a new country. It is quite common situation that expat spouses after long time of migration and taking care of children and home, frequent changes and transitions, need to start their career from scratch, often changing the qualifictaions or gaining new ones.

I help them prepare themselves to a new career and to the process of collectiong new experience and qualifications.

I Work With Individuals, Families, & Groups, Companies

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For Individuals

Mindful sessions, full of real presence, acceptance and focus on the individual challenges and aims.


I believe every individual person has great potential and possibility to embrace happy life.

online & offline

English, Polish

Group support

Through workshops, support and mastermind groups I create a real community supporting self-development and creative solutions.


I deeply believe in power of the group, the group energy and a wonderful wisdom. 

online & offline

English, Polish 

expat coaching dla firm

For Companies

Relocation of the company employees and their spouses, families can turn into crisis.

I believe that proper mental support for expat spouses and families can direct toward growth and happy life abroad, in the same time supporting better and more effective work of expatriates.

online & offline

English, Polish

"I see the change started. I feel much more confident, I love our workshops and your support as I feel fully understood and accepted. I can be myself and I can flourish finding such enormous potential"

Anna A, Age 40, workshops

"Thanks to our cooperation I know what my priorities are, I see that everything finds the proper place in my mind, I have a plan and I feel confident as I know what the next steps are..."

Anna T: Age 38, individual sessions, workshops, support group

"I am so positively surprised working with you! I was pretty sure the process of my change will take me sooo terribly long and I managed to find a new work, to make such important decision to change it, and I feel much calmer and I am finally happy with my own decisions. I started believing in yourself"

Anna H: Age 39, individual process

"You are a real doula of my initiative, I feel ready to start my new business and finally do what is my real love, my passion!"

Stef, Age 40, individual process

Without Marta's support, landing in the new reality would be much more difficult, thanks to her I felt like I was jumping with a parachute and not without! I recommend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna T, 39, individual process

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