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 Living as an expat was never in my dreams. I loved travelling, and as a student also living abroad. I loved observing people and taste their culture, but in my dreams I had never been an expat… However I dreamt about travelling, well probably I didn’t know that time that there exists something called EXPAT.

During my work for international company, I had met many foreigners working for us in Poland, but I also had friends relocated to work in other countries. It was the first time I met expats and first time I understood the recent meaning of this word.

I was also observing their life abroad and the impact it had on them, their families and their partners – our employees. I was observing how their mental health and wellbeing was affecting the work of expat employees and their relocation decision, and how it was affecting our company.

After many years in corporation I had a chance to confront my vision of expat life with a reality.
I became an expat spouse and mom in one, and soon … unemployed…
Mood swings, fear and enthusiasm, anger and sadness and the terrible loneliness…
Well, it was generally something I wasn’t been expecting.

It took me almost 1 year to really start enjoying the fact I am living abroad, I met lots of other international families, also Polish Moms and Dads Association. And I had a chance to acknowledge their all challenges. Not only my vision, but also real life experiences and the whole ocean of stories, life stories of wonderful expat women stuck in a new life without the energy to flourish, pushed me to become a coach of expats. As a Gallup developer and individualization I found out that this is my passion, my real passion helping them, and myself 😉 . I found my mission that meets my real values. My work have never been so meaningful.

As an expat mom I experienced lots of new challenges that probably would never be so irritating when living in my home country.

I am also a facilitator of the Shanker Self-Reg (Self-Reg Facilitator) method of self-regulation, stress and energy management, and a mindfulness educator for expat children in international schools, as it was the fulfillment of my professional approach.

I work using many methods and tools, I am constantly developing and looking for new solutions to provide as much support as possible with my work. I offer sessions full of real awareness, curiosity and the space for development the potential of my wonderful clients.

As a Polish woman living abroad for many years, I understand what my clients are struggling with, and as a mother I understand both the frustrations of parents and, on the other hand, the challenges facing the youngest.