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Why I am doing it? why I am an expat coach?


First of all I know we expat spouses, expat families need such support for our mental health and for our wellbeing.

we do not want to be alone in all the stress during relocation but also we are grateful when we can share our experience of everyday life abroad with someone who understands it!

I am an expat woman mom, coach. Helping people is my passion, passion based also on my deep life experience.

My mission is to help every expat women and their families to create new, valuable, happy and fulfilled life regardless of where they live.

I truly believe in the potential of each individual, I am intrigued by the unique qualities of each person. I am far from generalizations, stereotypes and judgements as I look for what is special and distinct about every person I meet. I focus on finding the differences between individuals and support them to explore their possibilities, hidden resources and a great potential. Observation of each person unique style, motivation, the way of thinking and the relationships building is a part of my work leading me and my clients to development. I offer individuals the sessions full of real presence, acceptance, curiosity and support. I really believe that I have a great talent to draw out the best in each person by observing their strengths.
I want my clients to embrace their life, to grow, to spread their wings in own initiatives, and build their wellbeing regardless where they live.

I also believe in enormous power of teams. Through workshops, support and mastermind groups I create a real community supporting self-development and creative solutions. I deeply believe in strength of the group, the group energy and a wonderful wisdom created within the team. My goal is to help every person in a group to experience success.
I know from my own experience of expat spouse and expat mom, that relocation can turn into crisis, fulfilled by stress, the feelings of lost plans, sometimes dreams, and the fear of changes coming, overwhelming challenges and every day life far away from family and known environment, own culture and lifestyle.
But I believe that proper mental support for expat spouses and families can direct toward growth and happy life abroad, in the same time supporting better and more effective work of expatriates.

I believe that no individual is fully formed, on the contrary each individual is “a work in progress”, alive with possibilities.